„In my room, I lay on my bed while my heart raced. I wasn’t sure what I would do without Mr. Vuoso. He was the person I was closest to – even more than Thomas. He was the one who did things with me that he wasn’t supposed to, since he was a grown-up. When someone did things with you that they weren’t supposed to – things that felt good – that was when you know you were special. That was why you couldn’t lose them. If you lost them, you weren’t special anymore. You were just blah. You would have to wait for someone else to do things with, but since the things you were doing weren’t right, you probably wouldn’t find anyone. You probably had to realize that you were going to be alone.“

Aus: Towelhead von Alicia Erian. Klappentext, passt: „(…) Towelhead is an extraordinary debut novel. It’s sexy, disturbing, joyful and deep, and maybe just a little too real for comfort.“