Jonathan Gibbs vom Guardian schreibt über die verschiedenen Bezeichnungen für Filmfortsetzungen: Short cuts: the sequel’s revenge.

„Back in the mists of celluloid time, the title just wasn’t an issue. The Thin Man was followed by After the Thin Man and Shadow of the Thin Man, The Pink Panther “Returned” and “Struck Again”, and Tarzan quite happily shared the bill with The Huntress, The Amazons and The Leopard Woman.

In 1974, though, things changed. Francis Ford Coppola thought it unnecessary to burden his follow-up to The Godfather with anything more fancy than Part II, and suddenly numbers were all the rage. The following year, we had French Connection 2 (and Emmanuelle 2). Then came the 1980s, and the sequel ran riot, as the studios realised that they could churn out any old copycat rubbish for the increasingly young audience, and they didn’t even need to think up a new name for it. (…)

Ah, yes, the colon, denoting the filmic subtitle. Lynne Truss may have been spurred into action by Britain’s appalling grammar, but in LA the colon has never had to fear extinction. Speed 2: Cruise Control. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Jaws: The Revenge. Highlander 2: The Quickening. The colon shows Hollywood at its most conflicted. The first half of the name is intended as reassurance: things are the same as they ever were. The second half implies that no, after all, things have moved on. In fact, they have got better.“