“Performances of the Year”

Der Boulezian listet seine persönlichen Klassik-Highlights auf. Bei den Opernaufführungen schreibt er auch über Herheims Parsifal, der mich in Bayreuth so fertiggemacht hat (in a good way):

Stefan Herheim’s Bayreuth production of Parsifal is, not to beat about the bush, one of the great Wagner stagings of all time. It remains electrifying; it remains faithful; it remains questioning; it remains far more than anyone could possibly take in on a single viewing, which is why I felt properly blessed to be granted a second helping. The tightrope remains precarious: can he really simultaneously tell the story of Parsifal both in Wagner’s terms and those of its reception? Yes he can. Daniele Gatti’s masterly pacing upset some impatient souls, but the score unfolded as if in a single breath: the only true measure of Wagner performance. If only the roles of Gurnemanz and Parsifal himself had been better filled, this would have been my opera, and not just my Bühnenweihfestspiel, of the year.“

(via @TheWagnerian)