„What Are You Doing? – The Allure of Twitter, the latest Web sensation“. Schöner (viel zu kurzer) Artikel über Twitter, twittern, Twitterer auf Slate. Via (was sonst) taubens Twitterstream.

„It’s the 21st-century equivalent of passing notes in class. (…) Getting tweets from people is enjoyable. There is a pleasant sense of faint connection, as if you are standing silently next to them. It’s also a quick shot of empathy: You imagine where they are and what they might be seeing. Because Twitter reaches into phones and computers or wherever a person might be, it’s intimate, a friendly buzz in the pocket. I suspect this goodwill is mostly due to my uncluttered Twitter life: no spam, no work e-mail, no need to reply, and no ads.“

Außerdem wird im Artikel Twittervision erwähnt, das mich seit gestern sehr fasziniert:

„Open the URL and a world map appears on your screen. Little messages then pop up and disappear from their place of origin every second or so. The result is either a mesmerizing piece of desktop installation art or a banal text-based Jumbotron. Watch for a few minutes and you can track the ebb and flow of daily life around the world. Someone rolls out of bed in San Jose, while in London another twitterer chimes in with a simple ‘Zzzzzzzzz’.“