Sarah Palin N*ked, Michael Seitzman, aus der HuffPo:

„Stop voting for people you want to have a beer with. Stop voting for folksy. Stop voting for people who remind you of your neighbor. Stop voting for the ideologically intransigent, the staggeringly ignorant, and the blazingly incompetent.

Vote for someone smarter than you. Vote for someone who inspires you. Vote for someone who has not only traveled the world but who has also shown a deep understanding and compassion for it. The stakes are real and they’re terrifyingly high. This election matters. It matters. It really matters. Let me say that one more time. This. Really. Matters.“

(Ja, ist schon ein paar Tage alt, aber nach ihrem ständigen „I can see Russia from my house“-Gequatsche kann man das ruhig nochmal posten.)