is my body dumber than a hamster?

Cut to the next experiment, which Lisa is about to explain for us. The food is connected to a mild electrical current. The hamster tries to eat the food, but is promptly zapped. He reels back in fear.

The hamster has learned a valuable lesson: beware the hand of man.
— Lisa’s science project, “Duffless”

Bart’s turn again. A cupcake is connected to the mild electrical current. There’s even a sign that says, “Do not touch.” Bart sees the cupcake. Bart sees the sign. He tosses it aside and goes for the cupcake. He gets shocked. Imitating Moe (not the bartender) “Wiseguy, eh?”. He tries again, and slaps himself like Curly. He tries once more. “Ow.” Again. “Ow.” Again. “Ow.” Lisa once again takes score. “Hamster 2, Bart 0”

So ging’s mir und meinen völlig verspannten Nacken und Schultern gestern bei meiner Hausärztin. Sie tippte irgendwo hin, Anke: „Au.“ Irgendwo hintippen, „Au“. Tippen. „Au.“ Tippen. “Au.“ Spritzen, Magnesium, Ibuprofen, Termin beim Orthopäden. Hmpf. Au.