„Maybe we are under the tyranny of cultural conventions and biological instincts, these forces lead us to feel out of sync with the world at large, and therefore we feel as if we are not part of the bigger picture.

Hey, maybe we are the lucky ones, everyone else are the dull witted unfortunate ones that got caught. I have been brainwashed to believe that my happiness is found in others; wrong, happiness is now, happiness is in accepting who we are, not wondering what others are thinking about us. I don’t need someone else’s personal appraisal of my self worth, who’s to say that they can judge me? And why should I care if anyone finds me special? That concern just weighs me down. I am not saying that everyone else is unimportant, just their opinions of me.

We all have perceptions and cognitions of this infinite place in which we exist, and no one sees the same pieces or experiences the same places, so we must grow strong in our own experiences, and glorify everyone’s claim at existence.

Anke, you are a unique talent, stand by your viewpoint, sell it to the world, and you will when you believe in it with all of your might. No fear. It is so hard to love ourselves, because we are so aware of all of our supposed shortcomings, but those shortcomings only come through our idiotic attempts at comparisons of self with others. We must stop trying to measure up to illusory standards that have no objective reality.

We are perfect in our imperfections.“

On some days, I miss your words of wisdom even more. And I’d give the world for just one last conversation.