Tweets of Common Prayer: an ancient practice on new technology:

„Recently I’ve found one other use for Twitter, and that’s prayer. That might sound strange: a reverent act on a tool built for trivialities? But it turns out that Twitter is helping me rediscover an ancient practice that so far I’ve failed to build into my daily life, and that’s praying the hours, or fixed-hour prayer.

Praying the hours is the ancient tradition of praying set prayers at certain times of the day. It has deep Jewish roots, but probably its most famous Christian expression is the Book of Common Prayer. From the beginning, the biggest danger of this following this practice is that prayer can become mechanical, artificial, and hollow. But one of the biggest benefits is that the rhythm of the day can help us do what I often fail to do, in direct violation of 1 Thess. 5:17: “pray continually.”“

So halbwegs im Zusammenhang: Danke für diesen Eintrag.